Trikala Korinthias

Trikala Korinthias consists of three little districts, the Lower Quarter, the Middle Quarter and the Upper Quarter and is the largest village on the eastern side of Ziria. They are situated at an altitude of 900 m, 1000 m and 1100 m respectively and is one of the oldest mountain resorts. They have a ski centre on Ziria Mountain where you can enjoy winter activities. However, you can visit them during every season as they are regarded as a traditional mountain holiday resort, where you can taste the local cuisine in a huge variety of restaurants that are based there.

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Lake Doxa

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake, an hour drive from Sikia. It is located on a 900m altitude and was created in the late 90’s. In the center of the lake, in a plateau, stands the little church of Agios (Saint) Fanourios. On the lake’s shore there is also Saint George’s abbey. Lake Doxa is surrounded by a pine forest.

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Saint Louka’s Gorge or Kalithea’s Gorge

A very impressive gorge, which starts from the village of Kallithea. It has water throughout the year, resulting in small natural pools. It is divided into 2 sections, the first 1.5 km long, with 5 small descents, and the 2nd (more interesting), in which there are 21 downhill courses at 800 meters. It is a pole of attraction for many visitors every year. You can try to do canyoning, hiking and other activities that are available for the visitors there.

Buddhist Stoupa Karma Bertzen- Yellini Mountain

The Buddhist Stoupa Karma Bertzen in the mountainous Corinthia is one of the three centers in Greece. Overlooking the Corinthian bay and the slopes of Mount Mavro the area with typical Buddhist altars. The area is often admired for the natural beauty it offers as well as the endless view and is often associated with the natural beauty of Tibet.

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Vouraiko’s canyon – Kalavrita

This canyon is famous for the little train that is crossing it. Starting from the coastal village of Diakopto, it literally climbs up to the highland village of Kalavrita on 737m altitude. The view of the way from the train is unique, passing through forest, rocks, caves and the river from beneath.

Hera’s Temple – Loutraki’s Heraio

In a calm and sunny day it is so difficult to find a more beautiful place than this in all Corinthian. The sanctuary of Goddess Hera, spouse of Zeus, is located beneath a lighthouse, along with a very small picturesque church, in an isolated cove that gazes the city of Corinthos.

Ancient Corinthos

The most important archeological place which is located very close to Sikia and that you shouldn’t miss visiting. It is very well preserved with the central temple and the agora worth the tour. This is the place where Apostle Paul handed over the famous letter “To Corinthians” which is also known as the hymn of Love.


Akrocorinthos, the Acropolis of Ancient Corinthos, is located a little higher from the Ancient Cotinthos, from which the sea view is really wonderful! Unfortunately not much is saved here since this place was taken from whoever passed through the area: The Turks, the Francs and more. In here you can see the Francs’ walls and a little Turkish Mosque.

Ancient Sikiona

A very small but very important archeological place. The theater of Ancient Sikiona is basically one of the most essential theaters in Ancient Greece, which you have to visit. According to the myth, this is where tragedy was born in ancient times. It is certainly a place that you must visit.

Ancient Stimfalia

Ancient Stimfalia is located on the shore of the homonymous lake, which became known from Hercules who performed one of its 12 feats, the 6th, with the Stimfalian hens, that is “the birds of Stimalia”, which were man-eating birds with bronze beaks, claws and wings. The ancient findings were discovered by the Canadian archeologist, professor Hector Williiams. Walking around the area you will find ruins of houses, a theater, a little Temple and an Acropolis.


The ancient theater of Epidavros, in which plays are performed even in our days, is the place you must visit even for at least once in your life. Epidavros is also named as a monument of world’s heritage by UNESCO and not because of the theater. There is an Asklipian in this place, a therapeutic center, in fact the most known from the ancient times until the era of the Roman Empire.


Mycenae are one of the world’s heritage monuments protected by UNESCO since 1999 and are found among the world’s most important cultural sites. You must have surely heard of the famous Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan war. This war started after the abduction of Beautiful Helen from Paris, the prince of Troy. Beautiful Helen was Agamemnon’s wife and Menelao’s sister, king of Sparta. Mycenae were the capital of his kingdom.

Ancient Olympia

Along with Athens Acropolis, they are the most known archeological monuments in Greece. In ancient times it was the place from which the Olympic Games started and were held every 4 years. This event was so important and essential that any hostility was ceased during its conduct. The most remarkable monument of this place is the temple of Zeus. Its huge columns fell off the ground after 2 earthquakes in the 6th century A.D. and they are laying there like domino pieces.