Kamari Beach

Reasons to visit us

Olea apartments welcome our guests to relax and unwind in a quiet location by the sea. Olea apartments are located in Xylokastro area which is approximately one hour driving distance away from Athens (1.5h away from the Airport Eleftherios Venizelos ATH) and approximately one hour driving distance away from Patra’s port.
You can take the chance to meet our local physical beauty that combines mountain and sea view. You can also try to meet the area around by visiting many historical areas of recent and ancient Greece.

Kamari village

Olea apartments have direct access to the sea as they are located by the Kamari beach. You can easily enjoy swimming or try other activities by the sea. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking sunsets with direct view of the Corinthian Gulf.
In Kamari there are local taverns, restaurants, coffee shops and a beach bar that you could visit during your holidays.

Monastery Panagia Koryfi

In Kamari there is the monastery of Panagia Korifi or Korfiotissa or Zoodochou Pigi, located at 730 meters altitude. Every year hundreds of people visit the monastery for both religious reasons and to admire the natural beauty that the environment offers at this point. The monastery offers unlimited view of the Corinthian bay and magnificent landscapes in just 20 minutes from the sea. The church is celebrated twice a year, on the 15th of August and on the Friday of Orthodox Easter.
*Για τους πολύ τολμηρούς υπάρχει ένα ειδικό μονοπάτι «Το μονοπάτι της Παναγίας» όπου μπορεί κανείς να ανέβει το βουνό με τα πόδια μέχρι το μοναστήρι.


Xylokastro is a beautiful small town built on the coast of the Corinthian Gulf just 10 minutes away from Kamari. You can visit Xylokastro by car or using the local bus lines. You can also have the chance to enjoy the tastes of the local restaurants, bars and coffee shops that are based by the sea.

Pefkias beach:

The forest of Pefkia is located at the eastern end of Xylokastro and it is a pine forest. It could be characterised as a park with great natural beauty. It is 1760m long. and a width of about 80-220 m. and covers a total area of 243.5 acres. His age is estimated at 140 years. You could have a walk or you can swim at the beach that is by the forest. You can also visit the local beach bars, restaurants and coffee shops that are located near the forest.

Shops & restaurants in our area